Larry Seiler







Larry Seiler

Larry Seiler

Laona, WI


* Signature Member- IPAP - International Plein Air Painters
* Author and Videographer of Painting
* Who\'s Who Among America\'s Teachers
* Wisconsin\'s 1984 Wildlife Artist of the Year

I have been painting professionally for over 30 years now, the first 17 years I was more career driven with reputation in the wildlife art genre. Then, for a number of reasons I pushed for a reinvention of myself, taking my painting outdoors to set up on location...which has been my manner of working the past 13 years or more. I may yet paint wildlife subjects, but my style has changed greatly...and settings for wildlife are based on plein air studies.

My influences are mainly from the past, the writings of John F. Carlson, works and teachings of Edgar Payne & Emile A. Gruppe, and admirations of Edward Redfield for his large 50\"x 56\" canvases painted outdoors in one session (alla prima).

I am an art instructor, workshop painting teacher, have written one book thus far on painting landscapes; writing a new book currently on how to paint painterly realism. I have produced one DVD on painting a waterfall, working on another about plein air painting. I moderate eight forums on a very busy vibrant virtual artist\'s community of over 120,000

Accolades include various awards for teaching, including listed as Who\'s Who Among America\'s Teachers, nomination for the Laird Foundation in Leadership in the Arts twice.

Earliest awards begin with Wisconsin\'s Wildlife Artist of the Year in 1984...and I\'ve been a finalist, runner-up or winner in state and national conservation sporting stamp design competitions 23 of 33 times entered. My main interest today is painting from life, and even simple still life studies are painted from life.

I live and work in Wisconsin\'s Nicolet National Forest, surrounded by 1200 lakes and streams, rivers forests; travel frequently in summer to our cabin in the Negaunee/Marquette upper Michigan area. Living in such constant natural surroundings...painting has become a means to celebrate that which I\'ve come to know intimately. Painting and living aesthetically serves as a constant nurturing to maintain a thankful God above for one, that should bless us with so much sublime pristine escapes in the out of doors!.

As an aside, you may note I will frequent small studies instudio as exercises to keep the eye and senses sharp, which I believe keeps me in the ready to perform outdoors on a location.


Peme Bon Won River Fly By by Larry Seiler


Frozen Creek Tag Alder by Larry Seiler


Jazz Legend- Howard Johnson by Larry Seiler


Open Creek by Larry Seiler


In Flight Grouse by Larry Seiler


Jack Cobb no.2 in series by Larry Seiler


Jack Cobb the classic Muskie Lure by Larry Seiler


Creeper Muskie Lure by Larry Seiler


Cranky Nitro- muskie lure by Larry Seiler


Cute As a Bug by Larry Seiler


Above the Falls by Larry Seiler


Generations Shore by Larry Seiler


Fumee Falls Quinnessec MI by Larry Seiler


Late Sun Haybales- plein air by Larry Seiler


Hapuna Maru by Larry Seiler


Strong Falls Plein Air Demo by Larry Seiler


Sunset Point- Presque Isle Park- Lake Superior by Larry Seiler


Deer Tracks Snowy River by Larry Seiler


East Shore Surf'n Turf by Larry Seiler


Cedar Creek by Larry Seiler


Isabeau Smiles by Larry Seiler


Gooseberry Falls by Larry Seiler


Heavy Metal...the Weight of Serving by Larry Seiler


Festival Food by Larry Seiler


Fumee Falls by Larry Seiler


West Shores Presque Isle by Larry Seiler


Standing Alone by Larry Seiler


Downriver Redheads by Larry Seiler


The Sipple Farm by Larry Seiler


Trolling for Kings by Larry Seiler


Snowy Owl and Hungarian Partridge by Larry Seiler


Camp 20 Creek Moose by Larry Seiler


Urban Mountain Man by Larry Seiler


Something in the Air- Alaskan Brown Bear by Larry Seiler


Alaskan Brownie by Larry Seiler


Casual Walk Elk by Larry Seiler


La Salle Falls by Larry Seiler


Over the Edge- Strong Falls by Larry Seiler


Mill Pond Green Wings by Larry Seiler


Fiddleheads by Larry Seiler


Otter Creek by Larry Seiler


Ice Fishin' Buddies by Larry Seiler


Bear Tooth Creek by Larry Seiler


A Fall Colors Drive by Larry Seiler


Hiles Deer Trail by Larry Seiler


Dawson Lake- Shoreline by Larry Seiler


Croal Hollow Creek- Series No.6 by Larry Seiler


Croal Hollow Creek- Series No. 2 by Larry Seiler